But the main

But the main And on the contrary identifies itself with the ridiculous.

So, it has no intense pushing away and opposition, characteristic for other types of humour adjoining on irony and sarcasm.

External expression of a mimicry the humorist has most likely cheerful smile, eloquent gesture, than actually laughter is more exact, a benevolent smile.

But the main tendency of life of the adolescent development of.

Because at this age the complete mechanism of talent starts to work.

To work for transformation of a material which it extracts in large quantities from process of imitation products of creativity of talented and ingenious people.

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The adviser

The adviser We care about each other.

The adviser helped me to understand that actually Alex did not want to touch with it me.

I began to look for a way which would allow me to accept Dillon's existence in Alex's life.

The adviser suggested to Dillon to happen at our place provided that Alex will not meet it more anywhere, except as during lessons.

I was at home with two boys and kept in relation to Dillon friendly as they behaved pretty well, did not break the rules established at our place did not smoke, do not saw, to music, however, listened loud, but not deafenin lessons at them were made, and in a room they left a full order.

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Into an arsenal

Into an arsenalMeans, habits begin very much early.

KlyanchenyeWhat we already knowChildren masterfully seize ways of compulsion of adults to grant of their desire.

Into an arsenal of these ways enter desire appeal, desire requirement, desire instruction; desire order it is the action program and the list of requirements by which the child in the relations with adults is guided; desire team oral order to carry out a certain action only this way, instead of differently.

The child using them as though declares war by the adult and conducts it to a victory.

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I wanted to break

I wanted to breakWho is moreK.

UshinskyCamomileOn a meadow at that path,That runs to us directly in the house, the flower on a long leg White with a zhyoltenky peephole Grew.

I wanted to break a flower, Brought to it a palm,And the bee from a flower flied And buzzes, buzzes Do not touch!.

M PoznanskyExercise No.

Itself questions set, itself them and answerBuilderOutside the hill of red clay towered.

Boys dug in it intricate courses and built a fortress.

And suddenly they noticed aside other boy who dug in clay, dipped in a tin with water red hands and diligently covered walls of the clay house.

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How emotionally

How emotionally However and at early grade levels the purse also needs to turn in on that.

how emotionally the child reads.

At the initial stage of development of equipment of reading it is necessary to watch a loud and distinct pronunciation, it is first senseless to demand the bigger.

However gradually the task will be become complicated it will be necessary to help for the child to find the necessary intonations.

prailno pauses to place logic accents.

To consult this difficult task punctuation marks will help.

Requirements of the school program to expressiveness By the end of the first class the pupil should be able to observe the pauses separating one or proposal of another, and the pauses dictated by punctuation marks in offers.

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To a lesser

To a lesser Much more often others experience difficulties in case of absence of accurate instructions and instructions.

To a lesser extent, rather than others, use gestures in communication.

To free movement on a class and communication with schoolmates prefer stay on the place.

With bigger readiness, rather than the others, submit to orders and do not create a problem for people around.

Present that you head the commission on carrying out prison reforms and to you charged to analyse, house and school conditions in which your own child is brought up are how humane.

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Suddenly Probably, I understood so that everyone can do that would be desirable for it.

Teacher It what you felt during that momentIvan Yes, it that I usually do.

Teacher And now, when you see it, that is next day after our conversation, – something aism You thought of itIvan Now, when I look at myself, it seems to me that I looked silly.

Teacher Why you so considerIvan Itself I do not know.

Suddenly it seems to me not so logichny.

Teacher WhyIvan Half an hour now to me explain the same, and I suddenly changed the opinion.

Teacher But during that our conversation you it did not feelIvan Too felt, but my opinion all the time me elk.

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